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Age: 58
Birth Sign: Aries
Profession: Project Management - Company Director
Born In: New Zealand
NZ Flag

Clan Campbell of Argyll

clan tartan Clan Chief

some clan information

tartan crest
Travelled New Zealand, Australia, England, Asia
Moved Countries: 1987
Now Live In: Sunshine Coast, Australia
Australian FlagAussie Kangaroo Flag(click here for an Aussie icon) or try this one
Family info:

1 wife
5 children

1 house
2 cages (click here to hear my car having a dream - actually it does sound like that :) )

9 Bikes currently

Been Riding For: 40+ years
Current Bikes:

VF750FD Interceptor x2
2006 Blackbird - still have to do this page .........
1969 CD90Z Honda - still have to do this page .........
1973 S110 Honda Benly - still have to do this page .........
1967 CD125A Honda - still have to do this page .........
1973 CB350F Honda - still have to do this page .........
1960 C71 restored - still have to do this page .........
1961 C72 restored - still have to do this page .........

Previous Bikes:

AJS 350 - shared this with a mate while at school
Suzuki AC50 Maverick - 1st bike at 15
1971 Suzuki 125 Stinger
Honda CL175 K3 trail
Yamaha 200 twin
Suzuki 185 Trail
Yamaha RD 350 - 2 of these, raced and dragged the second at times
Kawasaki 500 H2 - A real death machine - I loved it
Honda 500 4 - quiet ride after the kwack
Honda CT 125 trail
Honda 250 MT trail
Suzuki 650 - a real headshaker this one!
'82 Honda VF750SC Magna - died from a busted tensioner
'98 Fireblade - Racetech and blueprinted
'87 VFR400RH - NC24
01 CBR900RRW Fireblade
CB750/4 K1


Motorcycle Racing
Car club rallying
Sexy Women

Ayers Rock
Good Music with a good beer
Rifle range
Parachuting - when I can afford it
Aussie Champs
Rugby Union
Rugby League
Net Surfing
RC planes

Dislikes: Nosey wankers
Lousy drivers - especially old ones with hats
Overcharging Banks
Speed Cameras, Laser Trap Cops hiding behind lamp posts
Rap Music
Paying Taxes
Women who nag, in fact anyone who nags
Dentists - they earn too much for inflicting pain
This is what I ultimately want to own and fly. (Click to see full size image.) Tiger Moth
Awesome Flyby.
(Click to see full size image.)
Awesome Flyby