Safety Wire

I didn't know anything about safety wiring before I played with the CYB. It takes some time searching to find some references

Safety wire site

Blurb on safety wire technics

Another Blurb on safety wire technics - sportsbike rider article

This image helped the most. It shows how the wire is wrapped such that attempting to loosen one bolt would result in trying to tighten the other bolt. The only way the bolt on the left could loosen would be to turn counterclockwise, but to do that, the bolt on the right would have to turn clockwise. I.e. you'd have to tighten the right bolt to loosen the left. And vice-versa, to loosen the right hand bolt you'd have to turn the left bolt clockwise.

From an army manual on safety-wiring, snarfed from the first link above: (my comments in italics)