Simon "Ronnie" Smith



Performance Bike Magazine Writer ............ TT Rider

Ronnie Smith is dead. But his name will live on as long as people ride or race bikes.

The news will have affected everyone who was a motorcycle rider and magaazine reader

I have been a Performance Bikes magazine reader for years. I have come to associate Ronnie with all that the mag stands for, his hilarious antics will be missed.

My most sincere regrets and sympathies go to his family. The loss of Joey Dunlop hit hard, The passing on of technical guru John Robinson was a great loss to motorcycling. Now we learn of the sad and unfortunate demise of Simon Smith, aka Ronnie, aka "too famous Ron". The biking world has lost another superbly entertaining talented racer and road tester.My heart goes out to Ronnies family and friends. I hope the excruciating pain of loss is short.