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1973 - Elsinore
Introduced in February 1973, the revolutionary Elsinore was Honda's first two-stroke sold in America and the first purpose-built motocross machine from the world's largest motorcycle producer. And it changed the face of American motocross forever.

Few things have the power and longevity of a good idea. There are countless examples of them in Honda's history, and one of the most significant is the 1973 CR™250M Elsinore.

Originally known simply as the Elsinore, it was the first production motocrosser from Honda and the first two-stroke Honda sold in America. The Elsinore was a pure motocrosser-fast, reliable and good handling. In addition to its well-rounded approach, the Elsinore was distinguished by its lightness. A beautiful polished aluminum fuel tank (Who can forget the green stripe on top?!) chrome-moly frame, silver plastic fenders and magnesium bits scattered throughout gave the Elsinore a jewel-like persona.

With 29 horsepower on tap, the five-speed, 225-pound Elsinore had a power-to-weight ratio and handling that redefined the 250 motocross class. Shortly after its arrival on the scene, the Elsinore carried Gary Jones to the 1973 AMA 250 National title - Honda's first. Led by the original Elsinore, Honda CR250s have won an astounding 24 National and Supercross titles.

The Elsinore began a lineage of innovative Honda motocrossers leading directly to today's sophisticated aluminum-framed CR250R. Like the current CR, the Elsinore (and 125 Elsinore that followed in 1974) was the most technologically advanced motocrosser of the day.

Perhaps even more significantly, the Elsinore began Honda's commitment to American motocross, a commitment that had a profound impact on the growth and popularity of a sport still in its infancy. The Elsinore name dropped off the CR250 in 1982, but the impact of this revolutionary machine lives on in a sport that has captured the heart and commands the attention of mainstream America.