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Vintage Honda

1975 - Goldwing
It's a machine that changed the world of motorcycling forever, a bike that we've all come to know. But at its introduction at the 1974 Cologne Show, it was absolutely revolutionary, a radical example of what we know today as "thinking outside of the box." That bike? The original Honda GL™1000 Gold Wing.®

The GL's original 999cc horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine featured liquid cooling, a first for a mass-produced motorcycle at a time when only exotic racing machines were liquid-cooled. The Gold Wing also featured a false fuel tank that contained electrical components and storage space, hiding its real tank under the seat, which lowered the bike's center of mass and contributed to its remarkably agile handling. Spoked aluminum rims were standard. Note the black exhaust system with chrome heat shields and tailpipes.

With high performance that rivaled anything on the market, and unparalleled long-distance ability, the Gold Wing revolutionized motorcycle design and almost single-handedly created the modern age of motorcycle touring.