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HONDA VF INTERCEPTOR** Designed by Isao Yamanaka.
oh yea he also did the blackbird or CBRXX....

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The 83/84 VF750 Interceptor

Lee Cooks 1984 bike in Sydney
rear wheel

matts vf Matthew O'Donoghue's 1984 VF1000R he's looking for parts mail him if you can help......

Front view
Front View
front view

side view
Rear & side view
Side view
front motor rear view Oil lines instruments side view

rear view
honda line platform

Oil lines

Oil lines
Top end Berkey Oil Kit braided lines


Side view
Front & side view

Dave Dodge Oil mod by Greg Terpin

VF750FD PDF if you want this email me for it here
HONDA COMMON SERVICE MANUAL - if you want this email me for it here


Best Local Brisbane Ride

check this out

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