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Steve as a baby - held by my mum, near the pram

steve as a baby

steve first day of school 1958

first day at school

Honore 1st cousins with us 1958

Honore 1st Cousins with us 1958

A C Baths at Taupo 1959

AC Baths at Lake Taupo 1959

All the kids in 1959

All the siblings and I in 1959

Christine and I in 1960

Steve and Chris 1960


The family home, Carlton Ave, Wanganui

59 Carlton Avenue house Wanganui

Great Grandparents on my mothers side

Great Grandparents on my mum's side

At the circus, Wanganui 1960

At the circus 1960

Rotorua 1959

Chris and Steve on the swings Rotorua 1959

Wanganui River 1961

wanganui river 1961

Rotorua Hot pool in 1962

Rotorua Hot pool in 1962


Rotorua in 1962

Rotorua Hot pool in 1962

Steve diving in the Blue Baths Rotorua 1962

Steve - Blue baths Rotorua 1962

Huka falls 1962

Huka falls 1962

steve at around 10
Steve at 10

Steve and Dennis at Devon Road in 1966

Steve and Dennis 1966

Kathy, Chris and Steve Taupo in 1967

Kathy, Chris & Steve, Taupo 1967


Family group in 1970

Family group 1970

Kathy and Steve bikes in 1972. Yamaha 90 and Yamaha 200 twin

Kathy & Steve's bikes, 1972





3 months old Marvie

2 years old Marvie 5 years old Marvie 6 years old Marvie Younger Marvie

Younger Marvie


Marvie at 3 months Marvie at 2 Marvie at 5 Marvie at 6    



just before the twins birthing


Younger Marvie

Younger Marvie




Marvie Marvie Marvie Younger Marvie some of Marvies family some of Marvies family
Steve   Steve Steve Steve