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Scottish Heritage
clan crest

Clan Chief

Crest Shield

Crest Sheild

Clan chief's coat of arms Clan head Castle Inveraray  

Clan War Cry: CRUACHAN!

Clan Plant: Bog Myrtle

Clan Song: The Campbells Are Coming

Official Tartan: Black Watch

Family motto

"Do not Forget"

Clan Head's Coat of arms
Clan Head Castle - Inveraray
tartan crest Castle location

Clan head Castle Inveraray

The current Clan Chief is the 13th Duke of Argyll, Torquil Campbell.

Great and Grand Parents
Tartan crest
Inveraray Location    
My Grandmother My Grandmother's older sister Mary My Grandmother's younger sister Dora
Great grandfather James Fox with grandchild Jessie
Great grandmother Margaret Fox with grandchildren Grandmothers family home  

my grandmother - Margaret Ingram nee Fox

my grandmother's oldest sister - Mary

my grandmother's youngest sister - Dora
my great grandfather - James Fox
my great grandmother - Margaret Fox

Great grandparents home
Union Street, Galashiels

Parentals My mum & me The family in 1960
My sisters 1959
The family in Rotorua 1962 The family in Taupo 1967  
My parents
family in 1960
my sisters 1959
family in Rotorua 1962
family in Taupo 1967
My mum at 2 My mum & Dad when younger
My siblings
My mum & me
Young Mum and Dad
The siblings
My Mum & me
My Mum at 2 years old